“Unity commands blessing”

Serving in the military and security environment for 20+ years has not only been a privilege, but a tremendous blessing. Learning from the most professional individuals to the not-so-professional, taught me valuable life lessons. One of the most important I believe is that off unity.

Whether serving in the military, in a platoon or company, it was always through unity, that our common goals were achieved at the end of the day. Looking at our youth, local as well as global, I believe they need to be taught these basic principles again. Through mentorship they can be shown that divided a house will not stand, but united, the sky is the limit.

Joshua Risk as a company strives towards that same unity – same vision and same goals. That is why we ask our clients to “share your vision’ – and we will find a way to support you towards your vision. May you also experience unity as you join us towards The Vision.
‘’Unity commands blessing”
Etienne Botha

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