Electronic Scent Detection

e9 aim to bring an electronic detection dog, in the pocket and available to not only Law Enforcement Officers, Health and Safety Professionals, Fire Fighters, Military Forces, but also the general public, at the fraction of the current costs, on an international level. A very substantial prospective client base.

Be it explosives, narcotics; not limited to, or the detection of a gas leak by Fire Fighters, it is within reach.

In the rapid evolving security conditions, worldwide, everyone can now add to a more secure environment.

Easy to operate, and able to integrate with multiple technology platforms, the expansion and integration makes it the ideal start-up to fund with great success.

Think of it as an electronic dog’s nose, fitting in your pocket, running 24/7, without needing training, breaks or food.

Dogs cannot be everywhere. The more we can screen vulnerable targets the better.





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