Explosive Detection Dogs

Our Explosive K9’s are trained and conditioned to be utilized in any environment, from the combat zone to the elementary school in your neighborhood, from the largest sea port in the world to the most intimate spaces of your home. Our teams are ready and primed.

joshua Risk’s explosive detection teams are trained to be utilized in dynamic work environments. They are deploy-able in both conflict as well as non-conflict milieu to provide proactive explosive detection services at airports, ports, terminals as well as cargo and luggage handling areas. Joshua Risk’s K9 teams can be trained to detect the following, but are not limited to:

  • RDX based explosives (DetCord, Comp B).
  • TNT (Boosters).
  • Chlorates.
  • Ammonia and Nitro Based Dynamite.
  • C-4 / PE-4.
  • Semtex.
  • Black and Smokeless Powder.
  • Safety Fuse.
  • PETN Based Explosives.
  • Firearms and Ammunition.