“Unity commands blessing”

Serving in the military and security environment for 20+ years has not only been a privilege, but a tremendous blessing. Learning from the most professional individuals to the not-so-professional, taught me valuable life lessons. One of the most important I believe is that off unity.

Whether serving in the military, in a platoon or company, it was always through unity, that our common goals were achieved at the end of the day. Looking at our youth, local as well as global, I believe they need to be taught these basic principles again. Through mentorship they can be shown that divided a house will not stand, but united, the sky is the limit.

Joshua Risk as a company strives towards that same unity – same vision and same goals. That is why we ask our clients to “share your vision’ – and we will find a way to support you towards your vision. May you also experience unity as you join us towards The Vision.
‘’Unity commands blessing”
Etienne Botha

Joshua Risk Training Facility

Standing on the spot where our training facilities will be located, overlooking Centurion, South Africa.

2017 has been a defining year in the development of Joshua Risk. We have seen real physical outcomes of our long-term business plan that we embarked on in 2008.

Exciting times are ahead, our new training initiatives are gathering pace. We now have the funding for our training facility. Our programmes will include combat robustness training for military and police forces. Canine handler training and the training of specialist detection dogs will also be run at this purpose built training site.

Visit us regularly for updates on how the vision is unfolding, groundwork’s commenced on 2017.03.05….


Sector Security Operations

Joshua Risk Solutions continues to advance as a worldwide infrastructure and support services company. Providing Operational Logistics and Life Support assistance in any area experiencing natural disasters, humanitarian crisis or rigorous environments.

Energy Security and Support

  • Intelligence and Information Operations
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Executive Protection Details
  • Life Support and Logistics
  • Risk and Awareness Training

Infrastructure and Facility Security

  • Security Management and Planning
  • Static Security Teams
  • Access Control
  • Technical Security Enhancements
  • Training and Scenario Testing
  • Civil Outreach

Aviation and Maritime Security

  • Assessments
  • Security and Awareness Training
  • High and Low Profile Security Details
  • Technical Equipment
  • Fire and Medical Equipment
  • K9 Detection and Protection Teams